Welcome to the Vermont Marine Aquarist (VMA) Website!

The VMA is a group of saltwater hobby enthusiasts that share in the same interests. The goal is to promote interest in the hobby through education, propagation, and participation.

Anyone who has tried the saltwater aquarium hobby has found it to be an incredibly challenging endeavor. The VMA provides multiple avenues of education for making saltwater aquaria and/or reefkeeping easier and more rewarding. These avenues include a community forum, guest lectures, product demos, and aquarium visits.

The VMA is also very supportive in the propagation of marine fish and reefs. Members of the VMA share pieces of their tanks with each other in hopes of propagating these corals/fish to share with others. This helps with an individual tank's diversity and beauty, while keeping cost to a minimum.

Participation in the saltwater hobby is of utmost importance to the VMA. The more members that participate in the VMA, the bigger the resource we can become. Please contact us on how to become a member of the Vermont Marine Aquarists.

Upcoming Events/Meetings/Announcements/Etc.?

Steven Pro to Visit Vermont!
Saturday October 27th, 2010. 1:30pm
Essex Junction VFW
Steven is coming to us from Pittsburgh PA. to speak on a topic of our choice! Please vote on the forum's poll, for a topic that interests you most: Steven Pro Speaking Topics. This will be our Fall Meeting. There will be frags from various members tanks, so bring a cooler and some containers!

VMA on the latest MASNA Podcast!
Click the link to listen to Kevin Erickson interview our President, Erik Engstrom about the MASNA Speaks Program. Includes a little history of the VMA and how we came to be! MASNA Live!
You do NOT need iTunes to listen, simply click the link on the page to listen to the Podcast in your browser. You may be required to download the RealPlayer plugin.

You get the picture!

Our newest photo submission:

Lionfish. Photo submitted by Nancy.

Send in some pictures of your tanks, we can put them here with a link to a personal page.

Send pictures to also be considered for Tank of the Season (TOTS)!
Send them to saltwaterVT@gmail.com, or better yet submit them to the TOTS Forum!

The Vermont Marine Aquarists are a Proud Member of MASNA:
Marine Aquarium Society of North America Marine Aquarium Conference of North America